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Why is San Francisco Federal Credit Union making the change to a new platform?

This upgrade brings you an easy-to-use interface with many new features. Updated multi-factor authentication and passcodes offer the best security for your peace of mind.

Do I need to download a new app for mobile banking?

Yes, you will need to delete the old 十大彩票游戏平台 app and download the new app from one of the app stores.

What if I’ve never enrolled in online banking?

You can easily enroll from our home page. Simply click the “I am a New User” link.

Does Digital Banking have biometric login options?

Once you are enrolled, fingerprint and face ID will be available depending on your device. The new platform will automatically identify the type of device you are using to log in and will present the correct options.

What are the username and password requirements?

Username requirements are:
Must not be the same as your account number or password
Must be between 6 and 20 characters long
Must start with a letter

Password requirements are:

Must not be the same as your account number or username
Must be between 8 and 32 characters long
Must contain at least one numeric character
Must contain at least one letter
Must contain at least one special character

Do I need to reset my Bill Pay accounts?

No. Bill pay and any recurring payments have been automatically converted to digital banking. A mobile phone number must be present on your account and cookies must be enabled for bill pay to link properly.

How come I am not able to see my full account number to use for ACH, wires, and/or direct deposit?

Our current core system and the new online and mobile banking system are not compatible in this area. Once we go to the new core system this August, your full account number will be displayed within online and mobile banking. Until then, if you need your full account number, please call us at 415-775-5477 or visit a local branch.

When do I start using the new platform?

We will convert to our new digital banking solution soon.

Do I have to set up a new username and password on the new platform?


Is the login process different?

For your safety and security, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) when you enroll and when you log in for the first time.

What if I haven’t used mobile or online banking in the past 6 months or more?

You will need to enroll as a new user. Simply click the “I am a New User” link.

Will I need to recreate my scheduled transfers?

If you currently have any scheduled transfers (recurring or future dated), those will automatically transfer to the new system.

Will I need to reset my alerts?

Transaction alerts and balance alerts will automatically transfer to the new system. The alert configuration in the new digital banking system has significantly more options available, so we recommend reviewing the new settings in the system.

Do I need to reset my Quicken or Quickbooks?

See instructions here regarding Quicken or Quick Books users.

What are the browser requirements for the new platform?

For online browsers:
Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Explorer, the current stable version and previous two versions (provided the browser maker supports those versions).

For mobile apps, minimum requirements are:

iOS: 11.0
Android: 5.0 (Lollipop API level 21)

Contact Us for more information or call 415-775-5377

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